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Protecting Your Wedding Rings from Imminent Danger

Posted by Matt Lee on

They look beautiful, they're gorgeous, your never taking them off! You've waited your entire life for that perfect someone to propose and put those rings on your finger. Now they'll be shown off everywhere you go! Wait?! But what about when you go away on your Honey Moon to the Caribbean? Should you bring them? Could they get stolen or damaged?

1) Vacation

The worst thing a newlywed can do is wear her wedding rings on vacation. Having rings stolen is all to common these days. Vacation destinations are a hot spot for valuables to go missing. From untrustworthy employees at resorts to criminals who will hold you at gun or knife point, these are the stark realities of walking around with "cash" on your fingers. Experts say you should always hand over anything to avoid being hurt or wounded but many still will put up a struggle due to the sentimental value of their beloved jewelry.

2) Physical Activities/Athletics

Stones are known to come loose on rings at any given time. This is why jewelers always tell women to bring their rings in for an inspection on a frequent basis. This gives the jeweler a chance to inspect any loose stones that may come loose and could eventually fall out. Of course this has a much higher likelihood of occurring if your ring is constantly hitting into other objects. Although not all jeweler's do a good job of putting the stones in properly the first time. Subsequently, thousands of rings stones fall out every year and are completely lost. This is very common and frustrating for many.

3) Insurance will pay for it - LOL

So you set up insurance and start paying your premiums which seem steeper than you thought, maybe $300-500 a year which is common. Your stone falls out and you make the call to collect all that money your appraisal says the ring is worth. You'll be surprised to know that they will buy you a ring with roughly the same specifications (color, clarity, etc.) no matter how cheap they can buy it for. The value of the ring rarely ever gets paid in actual dollars. Secondly you'll have to fill out all sorts of paperwork and be treated as if your just "trying to get the insurance money." Thirdly, your premiums will rise as your now on the insurance companies black list. While insurance still has it's place, it may not be what you think.


The solution is easy and has been used for years now by many clever women who cherish their original wedding rings. You buy gorgeous fake diamond rings for all those vacations & physical activities. Rings that look great so that you can still show them off like your originals. If someone wants your ring in a aggressive manner while visiting a town in the Caribbean, you'll have no problem handing them over. Your likely to remain safe while he thinks he just robbed a bank. Guess who gets the last laugh on this one (rightfully so.)

If your on a roller coaster ride at Disney World you won't have to worry about the vibrations of the ride loosening your stone if you have your "Vacation Backup" rings on.

These are a must for any married women. They add comfort and peace of mind so you can enjoy the vacation & activities you have been waiting for!

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  • Great article.

    Dana Hills on
  • This is SOOOOO True. I can’t stress it enough. I had a friend who left her rings in the resort room safe to go scuba diving for the day in Jamaica. They say these safes are guaranteed and secure. Guess what? She got back and the safe was empty. No one says they knew anything. The resort felt bad but she was out her rings and her husband spent big bucks on them.

    Too many horror stories like this article mentions. I have a small ugly ring I wear when we go away but I think it’s time I upgrade after seeing the nice ones they have here for cheap. Again, great article, people really do need to know about this.

    Michelle K. on

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