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Pocket Portable "FLASH" Ice Fishing Finder & Locator w/ Brite-Lite Technology - Read Whats Below the Ice in Seconds

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Works in Water for Open Water Fishing! Good All Year Round!


Specifically Designed to Read Depth & Fish THROUGH The Ice In Seconds - Every Ice Fisherman's dream has arrived with this New Portable Handheld Below the Ice Reader! Determine the water depth below the ice in seconds while seeing if there's fish below and of what size. Locating fish & depth below has never been easier with this. Stop wasting time drilling random holes and start fishing where the fish are!

  • Read whats below the ice with the push of a button
  • Reads depth of water below the ice & fish quantities with sizes
  • Pocket Portable - Size of a small flashlight that can be carried easily in any pocket
  • Perfect for rapidly locating groups of fish under the ice before drilling 
  • Save time & energy by locating fish quickly, then drilling holes
  • High quality construction & material - waterproof
  • Works in open water as well (boat, dock, etc) making it a year round asset for fishing with
  • LCD display lights up in dark conditions making measurement reading easy
  • Brite-Light LED Feature can be used to attract fish
  • Floats in water in case it's ever dropped in - waterproof

Display size: 2" x 3/4"
Display mode: LCD
Backlight: Highlight LED
Depth range: 2.5 feet down to 300 feet
Sonar frequency: 200KHz
Sonar radiation angle: 45 degrees
Working current: 45mA.
Unit: Imperial / metric can be switched (meters or feet / Celcius or Farhenheit)
Waterproof: Yes (not be be held under water for extended periods)
Power: Takes 4 AAA batteries
Product size: 7.7" x 2.1"

Package includes 1 x FLASH Pocket Portbale Ice Fish Finder Locator w/ manual

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