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The "Closer" Salesman's Wrist Watch - Thirsty Buyer

The "Closer" Salesman's Wrist Watch

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If you want to be #1, Get this Watch!
Just as the watches name implies, THIS IS for CLOSERS ONLY. This watch is modeled specifically after some of the big brand styles worn by Real Estate & Financial Moguls that cost upwards in the tens of thousands of dollars. Some say it's the unique "yellow" seconds hand that distracts & persuades clients to sign on the line which is dotted, while others say it's the watches wealthy look. This watch is for Closers Only. Elevate your Sales Game with this watch, no matter what your industry. 

Dial Window: Glass
Dial Material: Stainless Steel
Movement: Quartz
Band Width: 2.8cm
Clasp: Buckle
Band Length: 24cm
Case Thickness: 1cm
Has "Yellow" Closers Seconds Hand

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