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Spring "LOADED" Sensitivity Adjustable Hook Setter Fishing Rod - NEW

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You asked for it and we got it! This fishing rod has an incredible built-in spring activated hook setting mechanism. Simply cast your lure out and stick the Hook Setter Fishing Rod in the ground (fork legs included.) Cock the spring loaded hook setter mechanism and you're all ready to catch a big one! 

✔ All-in-One built in Spring Loaded Hook Setter Fishing Rod System
✔ Cast, Cock, & Get Ready - Great for multi-rod setups
✔ Automatically sets the hook when fish bite
✔ Hook Setter sensitivity can be easily adjusted for small or large fish
✔ Highly recommended for catfish, mudcat, carp, bass, salt water fish, & more
✔ Ultra Compact - Rod is Telescopic for easy transportation of multiple rods (less than 2 feet when compressed!)
✔ Made of high-quality materials
✔ Non-slip EVA foam handle - very comfortable to hold while reeling in fish
✔ Can also be used as a normal fishing rod when in the locked position

Note: Not a toy. Not to be used by children. Do not touch the spring area when cocked/loaded. For manual release just touch the trigger. Reel not included. Use with

Made of high quality fiberglass & stainless steel
2 rod size lengths to choose from: 6' 9" length or 7' 9"
Color: Black
Weight: A little over 1 pound approximately
Includes: 1 Spring Activated Hook Setter Fishing Rod. Reel is not included.

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