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Quick "FLASH" Pocket Portable Depth & Fish Locator w/ Brite-Lite Technology

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Specifically Designed to Read Water Depth & Attract Fish Fast - Every Fisherman's dream has arrived with this New Portable Handheld Depth & Fish Locator! Acquire the water depth & temperature in seconds while seeing if there's fish below and of what size. The NEW built-in Brite-Lite LED Fish Attractant is a proven technology that brings fish closer to your boat or fishing location. Locating fish & depth below has never been easier with this.


  • Read whats below the water with the push of a button
  • Reads depth of water & temperature, fish sizes, and schools of fish
  • Pocket Portable - Size of a small flashlight that can be carried easily in any pocket
  • Perfect for locating groups of fish w/ the fish schooling feature
  • Brite Lite Technology has built-in color fish lamp that attracts fish when activated in the water
  • Your choice of LCD measurement display - meters or feet / celsius or fahrenheit
  • Work for ice fishing as well - Reads depth & fish through the ice
  • High quality construction & material - waterproof
  • Works great in boats, kayaks, canoes, from docks, etc

Display size: 2" x 3/4"
Display mode: LCD
Backlight: Highlight LED
Depth range: 2.5 feet down to 300 feet
Sonar frequency: 200KHz
Sonar radiation angle: 45 degrees
Working current: 45mA.
Unit: Imperial / metric can be switched (meters or feet / Celsius or Fahrenheit)
Waterproof: Yes (not be be held under water for extended periods)
Power: Takes 4 AAA batteries
Product size: 7.7" x 2.1"

Package includes 1 x FLASH Pocket Portable Fish Depth Locator w/ built-in Brite-Lite Attractant Technology & manual

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