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Precision Technologies "Portable" Wireless Smart Phone Ice Fishing HD Sonar Sensor - NEW

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HD Sonar Sensor Streams Right to Your Smart Phone - Instantly turns your smart phone into an HD Fish Finder!This State of the Art Wireless Smart Phone Ice Fishing Finder Sonar Sensor does it all for a fraction of the price. The Wireless sonar transmits all the data below the ice that you need to know. Read fish size, fish depth, water depth, water temperature & more right from your smart phone. Even video record what's below right to your phone. This is a must have for anyone who Ice Fishes.

 Simple, compact, portable, and completely wireless using your smartphone
 Turns Your Smart Phone into a Fish Finder
Sonar Sensor connects wirelessly to any smart phone via Bluetooth
 Read water depth, water temp, fish size, fish depth, water depth, lake floor contour & more
 Full color display on your smart phone in real-time
 State of the art sonar w/ micro computer built right into the compact wireless sonar sensor
 Works on both iPhones & Android phones (Samsung, Sony, Motorola, etc)

Depth Range: 0.6-36M(2.5FT-120FT)
Radio Frequency: 2.4GHZ
Bluetooth Distance: 30M
Sonar Frequency: 125kHZ
Max Sonar Operating Temperature: -75 F
Sonar Radiation Angle: 90 degress
Smart phone not included. App download instructions in manual. Takes less than 1 minute to install app on smartphone. Includes ice wireless sonar sensor, charging cable, and user manual.

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