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Precision Optical's "Hunting Edition" Smartphone Telescopic Scope w/ Pro Tripod Stand Film Package - Includes Wireless Remote

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FILM YOUR NEXT BIG HUNT LIKE A PRO - This super light weight and compact hunting kit is easy bring on any hunt. Simply slide your smartphone into the universal holder, adjust the elevation on the tripod, and start filming with the push of a button (wireless remote) when your game is approaching! Attach the New "Hunting Edition" Smartphone Telescopic scope and you'll be filming those longer range hunts close-up!

✔ Includes all the gear you'll need to film your next big hunt including the 8x Zoom Smartphone Scope
✔ Smartphone slides and locks into frame holder which attaches to tripod
✔ Wireless Bluetooth remote allows for filming to start with the push of a button - minimal movement
✔ Wireless remote works for both iPhones & Android OS phones(LG, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, Google, etc)
✔ Tripod stand & extension rod allow for the perfect height adjustment up to 46" (almost 4 feet!) Great in Blinds
✔ Tripod stand and rod fold up making them ultra compact for hunting travel
✔ Adjustable rod converts to a selfie stick for recording yourself with downed game after the hunt
✔ Also includes Travel pouch to store & carry all filming gear

1 x Smartphone telescopic 8x scope 
1 x Tripod
1 x Smartphone adjustable holder frame
1 x Adjustable extension rod for tripod (converts to selfie stick)
1 x Wireless remote (inlcuded FREE for a limited time)
1 x Travel pouch

*Smartphone seen in pictures not included.

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