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Ocean Optic's 180° "Full Face" HD Snorkel Mask - NEW

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NO MORE BREATHING THROUGH A SNORKEL TUBE - That's right! With the breathing chamber located inside the full face mask it allows incredible underwater experience. This awesome design eliminates fogging and allows for a much larger field of view (180°) compared to traditional eye piece masks. With the Dry Top Technology you can swim freely underwater without water entering the air chamber tube. It even has a GoPro attachment slot on top of the mask for under water filming. It's time for an upgrade...one that you'll be very happy with!

 One piece breathable face mask for a true 180° relaxed view
 Double air-flow channels for inhaling and exhaling creates no fog in mask (anti-fog)
 Dry Top Technology - Swim under water without water entering the breathing tube
 Camera mount on top of the mask for GoPro cameras
 Mask straps onto head with ease & face stays dry while underwater
 Eliminates old two piece snorkels & masks with limited viewing and breathing
 Eliminates old snorkel mouth pieces that caused gagging - Breath normally with this
 Built-in liquid silicone ear plugs for reducing water & pressure in ears
 Medical silicon around the outer mask perimeter creates a firm comfortable seal
 Snorkel that attaches to mask is removable for easy transportation
 Available in 2 versatile sizes (youth/adult) & 4 colors
 Great for pools, lakes, oceans, and of course vacations!

Sizing: Measured from the top of your eye to the bottom of your chin. If the the distance is shorter then 4.5 inches then you take a Small (children & smaller adults.) If the distance is greater than 4.5 inches then you take a large (adults.)

Colors: Midnight Black, Hot Pink, Aqua Green, & Aqua Blue
Sizing: Youth & Adult
Made from high quality durable plastics
Includes 1 180° "Full Face" Snorkel Mask with attached snorkel
*GoPro camera shown mounted on mask in some pictures is not include

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