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Mobile "Pocket Portable" Color LCD Fish Finder w/ Wireless Sonar Sensor - NEW

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This state of the art Color LCD Fish Finder has incredible features at a bargain price! Whether the wireless sensor is next to your boat, being cast from shore, or used in a drilled ice hole, you'll be receiving a full color view of the fish, terrain, depth, and details down below! Truly a revolutionary High-Quality Fish Finder designed for anyone who fishes at any level.

  • Wireless sensor allows for a true multi-purpose fishing experience whether your fishing from a boat or onshore (just attach wireless sensor to line and cast for a view below!)
  • 512 color LCD Display w/ sunlight reflective easy to view screen - Perfect for any hour or weather condition
  • Displays sizes of fish at specific depths with detailed under water floor contour w/ zoom feature
  • Displays water depth and water temperature
  • Depth detection up to 150ft/45m & wireless sonar sensor range up to 400ft/120m
  • High Quality - Water resistant & Floats. Sonar signal operates at 15x per second
  • Mobility allows you to bring this device on any fishing trip - friends boats, canoes, kayaks, etc.
  • Customizable settings to show only specific sizes of fish, noise reduction, audible alarms, up to 17 languages & so much more

Weight: 262g/9.2oz
Resolution: 240w x 160h
Depth Detection: 2-150ft (0.6-45m)
Sonar Coverage & Frequency: 90 Degree/ 125 khz
Wireless Reception Range: 400ft (120m)
Radio Wave Signal Frequency: 2.4 ghz
Shows true changes in bottom contour
512 color LCD screen w/ easy enlargement for viewing in sunlight or night fishing
Water resistant & floats
Rechargeable lithium battery included
Includes manual, neck strap, charging cable, wireless remote sensor, & fish finder

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