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Ice Fishing WIRELESS Color "Pocket Portable" LCD Fish Finder V2.0 - We Cut the Cable!

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ICE ANGLERS ASKED FOR IT & WE DELIVERED - The #1 email question we received last year was about cutting the dam cable! Guess what? We cut it! Introducing the fastest & easiest to use Ice Fishing Color Finder on the market today. It shows you the fish size, fish depth, water depth, detailed view of the bottom, and much more. Just place the wireless sonar sensor in your ice hole and the data below will be streamed wirelessly right to this hand-held color fish finder!

  • No more dangling wires cluttering your ice hole
  • Wireless Sonar Sensor floats right in your ice hole
  • Wireless sensor reads down to 150 feet
  • Vibrant Crisp Color Liquid Display that's easy to read
  • Fish finder can communicate with wireless sensor up to 300 feet
  • Displays fish depth and size of fish
  • Shows terrain floor at the bottom including slopes & dips
  • Displays water depth and water temperature
  • Multiple levels of sonar sensitivity for increased detail when needed
  • Audible fish alarm can be set or turned off
  • Light weight and ultra compact - goes wherever you go

Color LCD (240v x 960h)
Depth Capacity: 150 feet
Sonar beam angle coverage: 90 degrees
Sonar frequency: 125KHz
Display screen: 2.4 inches
Size: 5.3 inches(length) x 2.8 inches (width)
Temperature Reading: Farenheit or Celcius
Measurement Reading: American (ft) or Metric (m)
Weight: 5.2 oz
Wireless sensor battery: CR2032 battery (easily replaced, sold in bulk at dollar stores; included)
Power Source: Rechargeable lithium battery (included)
Package shipping weight: Approximately 1.35 lbs.

Package includes:
1 Color Pocket Portable Fish Finder
1 Wireless Sonar Transducer
1 USB AC adapter charger
1 USB cable
1 Vehicle charge connector
1 Rechargeable lithium battery
1 Neck lanyard
1 User Manual

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