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Ice Fishing "STRETCH-ON" BOOT TRACTION ICE GRIPS - Anti Slip Grips that Fit Over Any Boots!

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DON'T SLIP & SLIDE THIS WINTER ON THE ICE - You'll want these on your boots this winter while ice fishing! Avoid falls and injury with the all-new "Stretch-On" Boot Traction Ice Grips. Whether it's on the hard water fishing, shoveling in your drive way, or just walking around this winter, you'll have an additional layer of safety from falling. A must have!

  • 3 sizes that stretch over any shoe or boot and they only take a second to put on
  • 19 multi-directional premium enhanced chain linked heat treated stainless steel (corrosion resistant) protruding spikes (12 at front, 7 at heel) give your boots an incredible grip on ice, snow, and even mud
  • Specially designed flexible silicon rubber can be stretched down to temperatures of -50℉
  • Multi-purpose uses: Perfect for ice fishing, walking on any ice surfaces, snow, hills, snowmobiling, working around the house, etc
  • Includes a Velcro strap to tighten down traction grips if needed
  • Ultra high quality from the best formulated silicon rubber to the top of the line anti-corrosive stainless steel metal
Small fits foot size 4,5,6
Medium fits foot size 7,8,9
Large fits foot size 10,11,12,13

Includes a pair (2) "STRETCH-ON" BOOT TRACTION ICE GRIPS of your size and color
Color: Black or Orange
Traction Grip Spike Length: 1/2"
Traction grip spikes: 19 per foot (12 on the front, 7 on the heel)
Note: Shoes in pictures not included

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