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ICE FISHING "Pocket Portable" Mini Wood Stove

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DON'T BE WITHOUT THIS NEXT TO YOUR ICE HOLE THIS WINTER - This stainless steel "Pocket Portable" wood stove is our #1 selling ice fishing product going into this winter season. Perfect for keeping warm around the ice hole and keeping your hole from freezing. You can also cook anything quickly on the stove top (soup, etc.) Folds and assembles in seconds!

✔ Compact, portable, & lightweight - Fits in jacket pocket & folds open FAST
✔ Get a fire going instantly around your ice hole
✔ Keeps your area warm & your hole from freezing over
✔ Cook a variety of foods on the stove top with a pot or pan
✔ Easily start a fire in the starter bowl (included) with lighter fluid, alcohol, esbit cubes, etc.
✔ Burn sticks, wood, paper, etc. in the fire chamber
✔ Built-in wind screen - one side has open door for feeding wood, rest are enclosed
✔ Made of high quality hardened stainless steel for rugged winter conditions
✔ Perfect source of heat for emergencies (snowmobile breaks down, stranded, etc.) 
✔ Folds away in seconds when finished
✔ Includes carrying pouch that stove easily slips into

Material: 201 Hardened Stainless Steel
Top Diameter: 3.1"
Bottom Diameter: 3.5"
Height: 4.25"
Item Weight: 5.08oz
Includes one pocket wood stove, one fire starting bowl, & one carrying pouch

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