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Ice Fishing Luminous Glow Jig Heads - 20 pack

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NEW - Catch more fish this winter on the hard waters with these NEW Glowing Luminous jig heads. Walleye, Pike, Perch, or whatever you're after are going to see your jig head light up from a far in the dark depths under the ice.

  • Available in 6 jig head sizes/weights
  • Luminous Glow is proven to attract more fish
  • More hits, means more fish
  • Super high quality jig heads
  • New Value 20 pack for maximum savings

Tip: Putting live bait on the jig head such as a minnow illuminates the bait making it easier & more attractive for fish to see.

Includes 20 Luminous Glow Jig Heads of your size choice.

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