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ICE FISHING LED Bite Alarm "Perfect Fit" Strike Tip Lights - 4 Pack

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KNOW WHEN THERE'S A FISH HITTING - Perfect for those days on the ice when lighting isn't great. Whether it's early morning, overcast conditions, snowing, or evening Ice Fishing, the Bite Alarm Strike Tip Lights let you know when a fish is either on or hitting your lure. It's so simple to use anyone can use it! Clips on to your ice rod tips and stays lit green when nothing is hitting. When you have a fish on or get strikes, the light turns red letting you know there's action on your rod. 


  • Ideal when lighting conditions are fair, poor, or just dark - See your rod lighted tips from far distances & if anythings on or not
  • Perfect when using multiple rods on the ice - quickly see which rod has a fish on
  • When activated the light stays green - When a fish is either striking or on it turns red, letting you know
  • Very sensitive to when a fish is on, instantly goes from green to red
  • Sensitivity is easily adjusted by the placement of the Tip Light
  • Waterproof lock switch; can be used in rain or snow
  • Easy to have on hand at all times as these are super portable - Fit many in your pocket
  • Available in our super savings value 4-pack

Dimension: 1" x 0.9"
Weight: 10g
Battery: CR1225 (included)
Package includes 4 Ice Fishing Bite Alarm "Perfect Fit" Strike Tip Lights, 4 Ice rod clips, & 4 regular rod clips (limited time)

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