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Ice Fishing Auto "JIGGER" Rod Holder - Ultra Sensitive Auto Jigging (NEW)

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THE ULTIMATE AUTO JIGGER ROD HOLDER - The Jigger Ice Fishing rod holder & auto jigger is a must have for anyone who ice fishes! The unique balancing wire hooks fish with even the slightest of bites. On days with even the slightest of wind (or touch) the Ice Fishing Jigger will jig for you automatically putting your ice rod on Auto-Pilot! Simply rest your rod on the balancing wire and let Auto Jigger do the work for you!

 Hooks fish with even the slightest of bites - optimum strike sensitivity
 Consists of a unique patented balancing wire that does the magic for you
 Super Compact & Lightweight
 Easy to assemble and disassemble - Collapses to 3 pieces for easy transportation
✔ The Ice Fishing Jigger floats as well just in case it's every dropped in water
 Made from heavy duty propylene plastic to withstand extreme weather conditions
 Made in the USA

"This has to be one of the greatest ice fishing inventions in recent years. We have been inclined to fish more on days with a slight breeze (which is most anyways) so we get all the jiggers jigging for us automatically. We use multiple auto jiggers and our success has never been better!"

- Larry M, Ontario, Canada


  • It is very important to make sure the wire is snapped securely in place on the fishing rod. It can be bent to achieve a tighter fit if needed.
  • To increase your odds towards catching a fish, try using two hooks, one on the end of the fishing line and another 6 to 12 inches higher.
  • On days with wind, place the Jigger rod holder so the butt end of the fishing rod is facing into the wind. This method will cause the wind to jig the rod for you.

Includes 1 Ice Fishing Jigger Auto Rod Holder
Made from heavy duty propylene plastic
Color shipped will be either green or black

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