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Health & Safety's Car "Kane" w/ Built-in LED Flashlight

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If you or a loved one is struggling to get in and out of their Car then this is the answer. This super valuable and safety conscienctious tool allows you to easily get in and out of your vehicle without the strain or struggles. The Car Kane simply hooks into your door latch and up you get. It's that simple

✔ Easily Hooks into any Car latch for a safe & secure entry or exit
✔ Super portable and light weight - Doesn't get in the way like larger bulky models
✔ Fits all Cars & Trucks
✔ Precision aluminum rod hooks into place and will not move
✔ High Quality - Holds up to 350lbs of weight
✔ Built-in LED Flashlight adds another handy function
✔ Built-in seatbelt cutter is safely tucked into device for extreme emergencies
✔ Ribbed rubber handle offers a comfortable & secure grip

Item Width: 11 inch
Item Length: 18 inch
Material Type: Plastic and Metal
Fits All cars
Item Weight: 0.216 kg

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