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FLASH Ice Fishing "Mini" Teardrop LED Blinking Lures - Value 10 pack

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CATCHING YOUR LIMIT Just Got Easier - These mini flashing teardrop LED blinking lights activate automatically once under water. Simply tie one of these to your hook or jig and draw fish in from further away while activating their predatory senses to swallow your bait! You'll never go back in the dark again once you've used these.

  • Powerful LED flashing light can be seen by fish from far a ways in the darkest & deepest of water
  • Activates automatically when it's under water & turns off when it's out of the water
  • Proven to draw more fish to your lure as studies show fish are attracted to flashing light
  • Included LED light colors include Red, Green, White, Blue, & Multi-Color 
  • Each lure has a reflective eye that imitates the real eye of a bait fish
  • Compact and durable for the coldest winter conditions
  • Affordable at our Superstore as 1 of these alone can retail for $8.99 on TV or at your local outdoors store. You get 10 for $39.97!

Tying Tips: The lure is designed to give the ice angler full control/flexibility of the kind of hook used (treble, jig, etc) and the length of where the hook sits. Method 1: Thread the line from the rod through the hook/jig of your choice & the teardrop LED lure and simply tie off. Method 2: Thread the line from your ice rod through the LED teardrop lure and tie off. Thread a second line to the LED teardrop lure with the hook of your choice tied on and tie to the length you desire. Both methods work excellent and depend on what kind of hook you're using and the fish you're fishing for. Enjoy catching more fish this winter as we do!

Size per one: 0.6" in length, 0.4" wide
Weight: 1/4 oz
Powered by a cell button battery
Battery Duration: 100+ hrs
Color: Clear reflective black eye - LED light colors include red, green, white, & blue

Package includes 10 FLASH Ice Fishing Mini Teardrop LED Blinking Lures. 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 White, & 2 Multi-Color

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