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Fisherman's Pocket UV Welding "Liquid Plastic" Pen - Repairs in Seconds!

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The perfect portable UV Welding Pen that should be in anyone's tackle box or boat! Fix rods, lures, mechanical issues, leaks, and more in just seconds. Also use it just about anywhere around the house or workshop. No Outdoorsman should be without this.

✔ Super powerful liquid plastic welding compound that dries in seconds
✔ Cures only with the UV light on the end of the Pen
✔ It's Not a glue but a liquid plastic welding compound which creates super strength when bonded with the pens UV light!
✔ Dries clear & transparent
✔ Repairs plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, glass, and more
✔ Can be painted and sanded
✔ Perfect for anything that needs to be re-attached and for emergency situations
✔ Amazing gift for the upcoming holiday season

Size: 5.1" x 1.2" x 0.8"
Color: Black & Blue
Battery: CR1620 3v (included)

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