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Deep-Track's FISHING & HUNTING Mini Keychain GPS

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Tired of forgetting where the exact spot you caught those last few fish? Exactly where that hunting spot was where you saw that big buck? Or you just want to get back to the dock or camp in an unfamiliar area. This Key-Chain GPS is the answer for all this.

✔ Small Portable Design makes it realistic to carry at all times unlike conventional larger devices
✔ Provides the direction and distance to your destinations 
✔ Stores up to 16 gps points (locations)
✔ Records the distance you travelled and the time you've spent travelling
✔ Provides current position: longitude, latitude, and altitude information
✔ Speed measurement
✔ Display accurate time zone synchronized by satellite
✔ Built-in lithium-ion battery
✔ Back-light display for night use
✔ Ideal for any outdoor activities or locations you're visiting and unfamiliar with the area

Receiver: L1Type, C/A Code
Capture channel: 51
Tracking channel: 14
Maximum update frequency: 10 Hz
Display: pixel height * width 128 x 64
Size: 65mmx 52mmx 21mm
Battery: Built-in
Weight: 39.6g
Memory: 512KB
Speed: 0.1m/s
Sensitivity:-161dBm tracking/ -157dBm re capture/ -148dBm capture
Data protocol: NMEA-0183 v3.01
The power supply voltage: USB DC 5 V / 3.7 V 390 Ma the built-in lithium battery

1 x Keychain Design Handheld GPS Trakcer with 16 POT Compass for Outdoor Travel
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Mountaineering Hook

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