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Crossbow "LIGHTED" LED Arrow Nocks - 6 pack Super Deal

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This is a Bow Hunter's favorite at a price that finally makes it affordable for all! Once the arrow is shot from your crossbow the lighted LED nock will show a trail of light. At impact you'll see the arrows LED nock still lit up making it easy to track your game no matter how dark or cloudy it may be. Makes locating game easy.

  • Lighted LED nocks replace old standard nocks with ease
  • Lighted LED nocks are activated when shot & deactivated by turning the notch with the tool provided 
  • See where your arrow hits on your target under deteriorating light conditions
  • Track your game with ease by simply looking for the lighted LED nock
  • Works with carbon, aluminum, or fiberglass shafts of bolt diameter of 7.6mm/0.3" (standard shaft size)
  • LOWEST PRICE with the Super Savings 6 pack deal

Package includes 6 LED lighted crossbow nocks in the color of your choice - (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow). Fits bolt size of 7.6mm/0.3" which is standard.

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