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Ultra COLOR Mobile "Pocket Portable" LCD Fish Finder V3.0

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ACCURATELY UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF WHAT'S DOWN BELOW - Know what's below like a pro. This Advanced "Pocket Portable" Color fish finder truly does it all. Imagine seeing the fish size, fish depth, depth of water, water temperature, terrain on the floor bottom (slopes & dips), and so much more. This is our newest fish finder with all the bells & whistles at an incredible price!

  • Crisp Color Liquid Display that's easy to read
  • Displays fish depth and size of fish
  • Shows terrain floor at the bottom including slopes & dips
  • Displays water depth and water temperature (choose metric or imperial)
  • 10 levels of sonar sensitivity for increased detail when needed
  • Zoom in & out with precision accuracy
  • Audible fish alarm can be set or turned off
  • Sonar can be attached to boat with mount if needed (included)
  • Light weight and ultra compact - goes wherever you go

Color LCD (240v x 960h)
Depth Capacity reading of up to 330 feet
Sonar beam angle coverage: 45 degrees
Sonar frequency: 200KHz
Display screen: 2.4 inches
Size: 5.3 inches(length) x 2.8 inches (width)
Temperature Reading: Farenheit or Celcius
Measurement Reading: American (ft) or Metric (m)
Weight: 5.2 oz
Power Source: 1 rechargeable lithium battery (included)
Package shipping weight: Approximately 1.35 lbs.

Package includes:
1 Color Pocket Portable Fish Finder V3.0
1 Sonar Transducer & float with 26ft cable
1 boat mount for sonar
1 USB Ac adapter charger
1 USB cable
1 Vehicle charge connector
1 rechargeable lithium battery
1 Lanyard
1 Users Manual

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