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The "ULTIMATE" Ice Fishing Package: Ice Fishing LCD Fish Finder + 26 Ice Fishing Super Jigs

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AN INCREDIBLE DEAL THAT WON'T LAST LONG - Get the Ice Fishing "Pocket Portable" LCD Mobile Sonar Fish Finder along with 26 Ice Fishing "Super Lures" for one amazing price!

Ice Fishing "Pocket Portable" LCD Mobile Sonar Fish Finder w/ LED Backlight:

  • Detects fish, weeds, grass, rocks, floor depth, dips, all up to 100 Meters
  • Reads through the Ice when ice conditions are good - Locate Fish before Drilling
  • Detects fish at specific depths. High/Low sensitivity setting
  • Locate depth and ridges below
  • Readings in meters or feet
  • Sonar Sensor Float Included for Ice Fishing (removable)
  • LED Backlight for Nighttime & snowy condition use
  • 45 degree Sonar Sensor Beam
  • Audible fish alarm can be turned on/off
  • Includes FREE BONUS Mount for attaching to boat during non-winter months
Ice Fishing "Super Lures" 26 piece Jig Set:

  • 26 of the latest ice fishing jigs in a variety of styles and sizes to catch fish this winter
  • 8 "super" minnow jigs are included (4 large, 4 small) with set that can retail for $10 a piece in stores
  • "Super" minnow jigs turn your 10" ice hole into a 36-48" wide area below from the lures jig action
  • Perfect for walleye, pike, perch, crappie, trout, and more
  • Bonus: Includes "Super Lures" Jig tackle box for a limited time

Ice Fish Finder Specifications:
Water resistance design
Color: Black & Yellow
Display: LCD
LED Backlight: Yes
Dimensions: 12cm x 7cm x 2.5cm
Takes 4 AAA Batteries
Sonar Frequency: 125 KHz
Sonar Coverage: 45 degrees
Sonar Depth Reading Range: 0.7 meters to 100 meters

Ice Fishing "Super Lures" 26 piece Jig Set Specifications:
4 large super minnow jigs (18g)
4 small super minnow jigs (10.5g)
6 small jigs (1.1g)
4 medium jigs (1.6g)
4 large jigs (2.3g)
4 Extra Large jigs (2.5g)
Super lures jig tackle box (limited time)

Package Includes:
1 x Ice Fish Finder
1 x Round Sonar Transducer with 25ft cable
1 x Stainless Bolt
1 x Stainless Wing Nut
1 x Neck Strap (40cm)
1 x User Manual
26 x Ice Fishing Super Lures w/ tackle box as described above

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