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ICE FISHING PRO LCD Digital Display Depth Finder "ICE REEL" - Keeps Your Lure Level With The Fish!

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One of the biggest mistakes Ice Angler's make is not having their lure at the same level where the fish are located. The Ice Fishing Pro Digital Depth Finder Ice Reel takes the guess work out of that! Fish have a hard time seeing a lure if it's to far away or especially if it's below them, one of the most common mistakes made. Using your fish finder to see what level the fish are at, you can now let out the exact amount of line to place your lure level or slightly above the fish! It can also can be used as a quick way to measure the water depth to the bottom. Every Ice Angler should be using an Ice Fishing Pro Ice Reel!

  • LCD Digital Display lets you know exactly how much line you've let out
  • Using a fish finder you can locate the level where the fish are at and set your lure on the same depth level as them - No more being off by multiple feet with precise measurements
  • Can let you know the depth of water by letting line out until you hit bottom
  • Incredible high quality machined anodized aluminum alloy construction & ultra light weight
  • Anti-corrosion stainless steel Ball Bearings 16 +1 with precision matched 6:3:1 Gear Ratio
  • Digital display has lighting feature making it easy to read in dark & snowy conditions - designed for the coldest rugged conditions
  • Compact low profile design makes for the perfect Ice Fishing Reel
  • Works all year round - Perfect for trolling in your boat during the open water season

Color: Black & Silver
Weight: 8.18oz
Ball Bearing: 16 + 1
Gear Ratio: 6:3:1
Materials: Anodized Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, PVC
Water Resistant: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Available Models: Left handed & right handed
Battery: CR 2032 (Key Fob battery)

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