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Trail Camera "Instant Transfer" SD MEMORY CARD READER 4 in 1 Pro

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Want to see what images and videos your Trail Camera is taking without having to go home to your computer? It's super easy with the Trail Camera SD Card Reader 4-in-1 Pro! Whether you have an Android smartphone or an Apple iPhone, the SD Card Reader Pro takes the images from your Trail Camera SD memory card and uploads them directly to your Smartphone or Tablet. No more taking the Memory stick back to the house to upload images & video. Saves tons of time and is super easy to use!

  • Instantly upload images & video to your smartphone at your Trail Camera's location
  • View your Images & videos on your Smartphone and put that card right back into the Trail Camera
  • Saves tons of time from bringing your memory card home and looking at the images there; then you have to go back out and put the memory card back in the Trail Camera - Those days are done when using this
  • Works with Android Smart devices (Phones, Tablets, etc), Apple Devices (iPhone, iPod, etc), and Laptop/Desktop Computers
  • Viewing images later on a larger computer screen is easy - plug the card reader pro into your phone then into your computer via USB to upload images to that device for larger viewing
  • Supports TF (Micro SD cards) & SD memory cards used by almost all Trail Cameras
  • Great Gift for anyone that uses Trail Camera's

Size: 3" x 2"
Weight: 0.8 ounces
Color Design: Hunting Camo, Military Camo, or Black
USB: Regular USB & Micro USB
Compatibility: Android, Apple (iOS), Laptop, Desktop PC, Tablets, etc
Handles SD & Micro (TF) SD memory cards
Does not include smartphone's, memory card's, or trail cameras shown in pictures

Package includes 1 x Trail Camera "Instant Transfer" SD CARD READER 4 in 1 Pro

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