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HD Hunting Camo Glasses w/ Built-in VIDEO CAMERA - Record Your Hunts!

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Pro Tip: The lens is easily removable if you wish to just wear the frame alone or over existing glasses. The recording camera is built-into the center of the frame.

RECORD YOUR BIG HUNTS & OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - Record all your favorite outdoor activities through these glasses. Simply put these camo glasses on and capture HD 720p quality footage of that trophy buck or that flock of geese landing in your decoys. The built-in point-of-view camera allows for handsfree recording of HD Video & Sound with the included 8GB memory micro SD card. It has a record time of over 160 minutes! Watch all your outdoor hunts on your computer and share them with ease over the Internet. A revolutionary tool in the world of hunting.

  • The recording possibilities are endless with these Hi-tech HD Recording glasses - Deer, Turkey, Geese, Ducks, Elk, Moose, and even Fishing for that trophy catch. You know OWN the footage!
  • Use with or without lenses - Can record with just wearing the frame
  • Records over 160 minutes of HD video footage on the included micro SD card
  • Simply plug the HD glasses into your computer via the provided USB cable to upload video to your computer - Watch & Share!
  • Share your filmed hunts with friends and family
  • Glasses include 2 interchangeable lenses - one tinted (polarized) for bright conditions & one clear for dawn/dusk/overcast hunting
  • Protect Yourself against Trespasser's & Anti-Hunter's by secretly recording ANY potential confrontations; Video Evidence is a MUST! THESE HD VIDEO GLASSES COULD LEGALLY PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.
  • Durable high quality glasses designed specifically for the outdoors

Note: Product only ships to USA.

Package includes: HD camo video recording glasses, 8GB micro SD memory card, usb charging cable, & a rugged carrying

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