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The HOOK LOCKER (Super Value 50 Pack!) - Secures Any Style Hook or Lure to Your Rod!

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SECURES HOOKS & LURES TO YOUR FISHING ROD WITHOUT SNAGS - The Hook Locker attaches to your fishing rod in a quick second allowing you to hook your lure or hook to the rod safely without using the fishing rods eye. It allows you to place the lure or hook precisely where you want to attach it, avoiding the fishing line. We know you have more than one fishing rod so we'll send you 50 Hook Locker's in our Super Value Pack!

  • Hook Locker goes on your fishing rod in a seconds
  • Adjust it anywhere on the rod you want to attach your hook or lure
  • Attach multiple Hook lockers for lures with multiple hooks or treble hooks
  • Protects your fishing rod eye rings and line from damage & nicks
  • Super Value Pack - You get 50 Hook Locker's & 100 "O" Rings because we know you have a lot more than one fishing rod!
*Colors sent randomly. Pink will NOT be sent unless specifically requested via email.

Material: plastic & rubber
Large rubber "O" ring diameter: 1"
Small rubber "O" ring diameter: 0.75"
Package includes 50 x Hook Lockers, 50 x 1" Rubber "O" Rings, and 50 x 0.75" Rubber "O" Rings

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