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Hook Setter's Double Spring Auto "Activated" Fishing Rod Bracket

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After you cast your lure out, simply push the bracket into the ground and place your fishing rod into the Hook Setter's Bracket. Once the fish hits your lure the bracket will be activated thus setting the hook on your fish! Tested, tried, and proven. 

✔  Very popular with catfish, mudcat, carp, bass, and salt water fisherman
✔  Great for anyone fishing from shore who wants to use multiple rods
✔  3 sensitivity settings: Normal, Sensitive, & Ultra sensitive
✔  Ability to sit back, relax, have a drink, while enjoying the outdoors
✔  Light weight, folds up, and easily transported
✔  New Double spring design sets the hook faster & more effectively
✔  Simple operation & a design that performs every time

"I use multiple Hook Setter's while bass fishing with frogs from shore around the pond. Having 5 frogs on 5 rods sitting on the water increases my odds while keeping my hands free at the same time. Great product."

- Tyler Cole,
Canadian Sport Angler

Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 430g
Dimensions: 17" x 2.4"
Max Tension: 110 pounds
Version shown in 3 rod demo above is original single bracket hook setter. We only sell the New improved double spring unit now which has double the hook setting capacity.
Warning: Do not stand behind bracket when rod is set with bracket loaded. Rod will fling back when bait is hit by a fish. When bracket is set, never have fingers near springs or on inside of springs. Not a device for children. To be used by adults or under adult supervision. Use with caution.

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