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4-in-1 "Mr. Zinger" Knot Tying Tool w/ Clip-on Retractable Cord - 2 per Pack!

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TRULY A FISHERMAN'S BEST FRIEND - This New 4-in-1 Fishing tool should be clipped to every fisherman's shirt or vest. The retractable cord makes accessing the tools direct from your shirt fast and easy. Whether your tying a hook, sharpening a hook, or clipping excess line, this one of the handiest fishing tools you'll ever have! 

  • Tie a variety of knots faster an easier this this tool - ensures a perfect knot that won't fail
  • Sharpen hooks in seconds with built-in sharpener
  • Cut line with ease with built-in non-slip clippers
  • Small built-in needle for cleaning lure eye holes
  • Clips right on your vest or shirt (D-ring) - no need to worry about losing it
  • Clips easily onto jacket - Retractable cord pulls out (up to 40") for easy access of all tools
  • Great tool for all kinds of fishing - Ice Fishing, Fly Fishing, etc
  • Eliminates excess tools with this one easy to use fishing tool
  • Package includes 2 Mr. Zinger Knot Tying Tools w/ Retractable Cords

Made from solid stainless steel
Retractable line length: 40 inches
Package includes two 4-in-1 "Zinger" Knot Tying Tool

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